A Comparison between IM and IPMSM with Same Stator Core for EV and Performance Analysis of IPMSM

Kartal E. T., Keskin Arabul F.

Avrupa Bilim ve Teknoloji Dergisi, no.38, pp.165-172, 2022 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Electric motors are widely used since they are more efficient and environmentally friendly compared to internal combustion engines. Studies in the fields of electric motors and battery management systems etc. used in electric vehicles are increasing day by day. In this study, electric motor design and performance analyzes to be used in electric vehicles are made. Accordingly, firstly, an induction motor design is carried out by considering the design parameters of the induction motor used in Tesla Model S. Then, by taking the stator core of this induction motor as a reference, an interior permanent magnet synchronous motor design, which is very common and advantageous in electric vehicles, is designed. By considering the air gap, magnet angle, magnet thickness, magnet width and magnet type parameters of this motor, the results of analyzes are evaluated in terms of efficiency and torque ripple. As a result of analyzes, efficiency of the final design has been improved by 4.78% compared to the reference induction motor. In addition, the torque ripple of the final design has been improved by 55.17% compared to the initial design of the interior permanent magnet synchronous motor.