Exposed Gamma Doses in air and Assessment of Cancer Risk around Gebze (Kocaeli/Turkey) Region

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Turgay M. E., Yümün Z. Ü., Acar Z., Artun A., Kam E.

European Journal of Science and Technology, vol.25, no.24, pp.29-34, 2021 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


By this study, it is focused to assessment of inhalation quality for Kocaeli province especially Northeast side of Marmara Sea (Gebze county and its territory). In this case, radioactivity analysis in air was realized via air dose rate measurements around this region which is so closed neighbor to big city Istanbul. By measuring of the outdoor gamma dose rates on 35 stations, it was possible to get the average dose rate. Then it was calculated to annual dose in air. Besides, cancer risk was determined for Kocaeli. All these values were compared with the World’s references (UNSCEAR) and reported finally. It was measured the average dose rate as 23.90 nGyhr-1 and annual dose was calculated to 29.31 μSv. This dose is required to excess lifetime cancer risk as 1.02x10−4 . These values could be compared to the similar studies which existed around the world. Finally, the average annual effective dose equivalent and excess lifetime cancer risk for Kocaeli, are less than the world average. This study would be used to a reference for further investigations, besides it will be usefull to compare with different studies for Kocaeli which, will be evaluated in the future, for example after a nuclear pollution, such as based on a reactor leakage comes from Black Sea region and neighbours, nuclear attacks, etc., too. Another benefit would be made to enlarge to find this kind of studies in literature.