Enerji Hasatlama Uygulamaları için 130nm DC-DC SEPIC Tasarımı ve Analizi

Güzeltepe İ., Acar Vural R. , Batur O. Z.

ELEKTRİK-ELEKTRONİK ve BİYOMEDİKAL MÜHENDİSLİĞİ (ELECO) KONFERANSI, Bursa, Turkey, 26 - 28 November 2020 identifier identifier


SEPIC converters, which are becoming widespread in several areas, including renewable energy; are often preferred due to non-inverted output, non-excessive switch stress and considerably less input current ripple. However, there are not enough studies in the literature on the use of the SEPIC converters in ultra-low voltage applications. In this study; It is aimed to design the effective use of DC-DC SEPIC converters consisting of integrated active components for very low voltage energy harvesting applications. In this context; using UMC 130nm technology; A DC-DC SEPIC converter, capable of providing a constant IV output with an input voltage range of 150mV-1.6V and offering an output power range of 1.3-7.7mW with 80% efficiency, has been designed and analyzed.