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Institutional Information: Faculty Of Chemical And Metallurgical Engineering, Department Of Chemical Engineering, Chemical Technologies
Research Areas: Chemical Engineering and Technology, Catalysis and Catalytic Processes, Engineering and Technology

Names in Publications: Kantürk Aysel, KANTÜRK FİGEN Aysel, Figen Aysel Kantürk




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Aysel Kantürk Figen was born in Tolbihin/Bulgaria on 28 July 1980. She earned a BS in Chemical Engineering field at Ankara University.  She accomplished her MSc degree in 2006 and consequently, received her Ph.D degree in 2011 in the field of hydrogen energy storage technology .in Yildiz Technical University (YTU), İstanbul, which is among the well-known universities in the country. She started her academic studies as a research assistant in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Yıldız Technical University in 2005.  In 2015, she started as an associate professor in YTU. Dr. Aysel KANTÜRK FİGEN's work has focused on the production of boron-containing hydrogen storage, hydrogen production and catalysts fabrication and their applications in sustainable energy systems. Her studies in the fields of renewable energy and catalyst technologies continue on the application of new methods using local resources. Dr. Kantürk Figen currently works in Yildiz Technical University as a full associated professor with the research topic of hydrogen production, synthesis of hydrogen storage medium, and application of catalytic system.  She has been working as the Vice Coordinator of Yıldız Technical University Science and Technology Application and Research Center (Center Laboratory) between 2020-2021. She was also selected as a board member of the National Hydrogen Technologies Association in July 2021. She served as the Head of the Department of Chemical Engineering between 2021-2022. She was appointed as the Director of YTU Clean Energy Technologies Institute in August 2022. 

In 2020, Turkey Academy of Sciences (TUBA) - Outstanding Young Scientist (GEBİP) Engineering was awarded. She has been a member of Young TUBA Academy. Her Scopus Author ID is 53867954300.


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