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Institutional Information: Faculty Of Electrical & Electronics, Biomedical Engineering
Research Areas: Biomedical Engineering, Engineering and Technology

Names in Publications: A. Akpek, Ali Akpek, Akpek Ali, Akpek A.




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Dr. Akpek was born in Karsiyaka, Turkey. He recieved his B.Eng degree from department of biomedical engineering of Baskent University as one of the first biomedical engineers of the country. During his education, he mainly focused on biomedical electronics. After graduation he expanded his research interest to biotechnology and obtained a Master of Science degree in Biotechnology from Ege University. He mainly focused on microbiology and nanoionics during his master training. In 2010, he is awarded with Monbukagakusho scholarship from Japan and worked as a research scientist in Bionanotechnology Laboratory at Department of Bioengineering of University of Tokyo. His main research theme was "Nanochannel Fabrication Methodologies for Cell Fusion". He started his Dr. Eng training in Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2011. His main doctoral researches were "Non-Uniform Temperature Field in Viscosity Measurement” and “Adapting a Magnetic Levitating Artificial Blood Pump as a Vibrational Viscometer". This research is supervised by Prof. Toshiharu Kagawa. During his doctoral training, he is mainly focused on Fluid Engineering and Heat & Mass Tranfer phenomenons.

Dr. Akpek is also an entrepreneur and a managing partner of one of the first angel investment & consulting firm of Turkey that is primarily focused on biotech. The company helped the initiation of more than twenty bio related start-ups in Turkey and raised more than 14,000,000$.