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E. Ceylan Ünal Akbulut, born in Istanbul in 1972, started piano education in the class of Prof.Ova
Sünder at the Municipal Conservatory in 1981 and received the Istanbul University Part-Time State
Conservatory Certificate. She graduated from Marmara University Atatürk Education Faculty Music
Education Department with the highest rank and graduated with honors. At the same university, she
wrote her Master’s thesis titled “The Educational Usability of the Works of Composers Known as
the Second Vienna Classics”. She completed the non-thesis Master’s piano program at the Istanbul
Technical University Center for Advanced Studies in Music (M.İ.A.M) under the direction of State
Artist Ayşegül Sarıca. She graduated from the same institution’s doctoral program with a thesis titled “Arrangements of Selected Turkish Tunes For Early-Elementary Piano Education” under Prof. Dr.
Cihat Aşkın. She attended Master’s classes at home-land and abroad throughout her student life.
She studied piano with Istanbul Symphony Orchestra Artist Pianist Hülya Saydam and composer and
pedagogue Ali Darmar.
She has given chamber music concerts and recitals throughout her career, starting from her piano
student life. She presented papers at national and international congresses and symposiums, conducted workshops for students and gave seminars in her field. Her articles have been published in international peer-reviewed journals. In addition, she was a coordinator in competitions and scientific
research projects at the university.
She has books titled “Songs from Us for the Little and Old”, “I Am Playing the Modes-1”, and “I Am
Playing the Modes-2”. She also wrote a chapter in the Fine Arts Book.
She started her academic life as a Marmara University Music Education Department research assistant. Since 2001, she has worked at Yıldız Technical University, Faculty of Art and Design, Department
of Music and Performing Arts. In 2017, she became an Associate Professor in the field of PianoPerformance. Furthermore, between 2018-2023, she worked as a Contracted Lecturer at Maltepe
University, Part-Time Conservatory, Piano Department.
She graduated from Medipol University, Ministry of Health Approved Music Therapy Certificate
Program in 2019. She became the Tomatis Method Consultant the same year. She received the title of Masters of Psychology from Istanbul Ayvansaray University in 2021 and Art Psychotherapy
Practitioner in 2022, after two years of practical training at Istanbul University ITF Mental Health and
Diseases Department Social Psychiatry Service and continues to work in the field.
Areas of Expertise: 4-6 Years of Piano Education
Preschool Music Education
Undergraduate Piano Education
Teaching Piano to Adults
Beginner Piano Teaching with Schenker Analysis
Music Therapy Workshops with Anxious Individuals
Intermodel Art Therapy Applications for Positive Psychology
The Tomatis Method for Learning Disabilities
Associate Professor E. Ceylan ÜNAL AKBULUT is married and has a daughter.