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Institutional Information: Faculty Of Art & Design, Department Of Arts
Research Areas: Social Sciences and Humanities, Archaelogy and History of Art, Art, Art Management




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Nevin Çakmakoğlu Özel, Lecturer.
Yıldız Technical University, Faculty of Art and Design, Art Department
She earned a bachelor degree in Art History from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts
University and then she continued masters program on Museology at
Yıldız Technical University after having worked for several art galleries in
İstanbul. In 1991, she became research assistant of the first academic
program in Museology field in Turkey. She started to conduct research
on examining the relation between the art institutions and art medium
under her works, such as “Identification of the Impacts of Art Galleries on
Turkish Painting”. She has several publications and declarations on this
field. She co-authored a book called “Müzeler ve Müzecilik
Bibliyografyası” (Museums and Museology Bibliography) which consists
of relevant studies in the field of museology in Turkey.
Between 1993-2000, she worked with Prof. Tomur Atagök on the
exhibition process and workshops at Yıldız Technical University, Sakıp
Sabancı Art Gallery. In 2000, she took several courses at PhD-Art
History program that she was enrolled at Istanbul Technical University.
Her academic works are mainly focused on the art institutions and
cultural awareness. She also teaches several courses covering the
issues such as global art history, art institutions and cultural policies.
Additionally, between 2003 - 2014 she served as a coordinator of the ‘Art
Management Workshop’ course that was accomplished with the figures
from the art sector itself.
Since 1998, she has been serving as Lecturer at Art and Design Faculty,
Yıldız Technical University.
Besides her academic duty, she also had administrative experiences
such as ‘Gallery Director’ at the art gallery of Yıldız Technical University,
Sakıp Sabancı Art Gallery (1993-1996), ‘Coordinator’ of weekend
workshops of ‘The Association of Painting and Sculpture Museums’ at
the university. Other administrative duties that she was assigned are
‘Vice Program Coordinatorship’ at the Art Management Program (2003-
2008) and ‘Art Department Vice Presidency’ (2010-2013).


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