Students’s views on the ethnobotany-based nature education program and their attitudes towards the plant

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International Journal of Progressive Education, vol.15, no.5, pp.219-229, 2019 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


The aim of this research is to determine Students' Views on the ethnobotany-Based Nature Education

Program and the impact this program makes on their attitudes towards the plant. The research was

conducted on 7th

-grade students in a state school in İstanbul. 15 ethnobotany based activities were

performed throughout Nature Education. The data collection tools were: an activity evaluation form

composed of open-ended questions and conducted at the end of each activity, a Plant Attitude

Questionnaire conducted both before and after the implementation and semi-structured student

interviews (n=5) performed at the end of the implementation. The answers students gave on the

evaluation form and in interviews were analyzed qualitatively in order to determine their views on the

activities. The themes formed as a result of data analysis were demonstrated within the tables. The

data collected through the Plant Attitude Questionnaire were analyzed quantitatively. At the end of the

research, it was found out that most of the students have positive views on ethnobotanic based

activities. Moreover, it was revealed that students’ scores of the attitudes towards the plant

demonstrated a meaningful change throughout the study. The data collected with the help of the

research were discussed and some suggestions were presented.