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KOM3531 Experiment Sheet -6 Gr4-Gr5
Experiment Sheet

Hello guys,

The pre-experiment report must contain the simulation of the circuit which is given on the report. The file name must be like:



Send your pdf files to my email address:

In the case of you being punctual, we can do some theoretical review for the midterm.



KOM3531 Experiment 6.pdf Creative Commons License

KOM3531 Experiment Sheet -5 (Gr4-5)
Experiment Sheet

KOM3531 Experiment Sheet -5

Arkadaslar yine her zamanki gibi pre-experiment reportlarinizi e-posta adresime bekliyorum. 6. sayfadaki sorularin cok kisa yanitlarini ve devrenin simulasyonunu iceren pdf dosyalarinizi bekliyorum. Lutfen baska formatta dosya atmayiniz.



KOM3531 Experiment 5.docx Creative Commons License

KOM3531 Experiment Sheet-4
Experiment Sheet

Dear Guys,

I will not share any specific document for pre-exp. reports. Please do not forget to send pre-experiment report to me before the session. It should have a simulation of the half wave and full wave rectifier circuits which are shown on the sheet. 

See you!

KOM3531 Experiment 4.docx Creative Commons License

KOM3531 Experiment Sheet -2 Gr4 and Gr5
Experiment Sheet

KOM3531 Experiment Sheet -2

Hello guys!

Please send pre-experiment reports to the e-mail address with the proper email subject and file name format.

See you next week!


KOM3531 Experiment 3.pdf Creative Commons License

KOM3531 Experiment Sheet -2
Experiment Sheet

Please send me a pre-experiment report before the session. The pre-experiment report should consist of the answers to the questions on page 8 of this document (PRELIMINARY STUDY). The circuit simulation also has to be prepared by any software, please do not forget to put a screenshot of the operated circuit on the report. 

Please send the pre-exp. report in such format: Gr4_TeamNO_KOM3531. to me via email address

Please do not forget to print out this document before the session, please do not forget to bring your materials as well.

See you!

KOM3531 Experiment 2.docx Creative Commons License


The material list has been updated, please do not forget to bring your multimeter!

Material List of KOM3531 MEASUREMEN....pdf Creative Commons License

KOM3531 GR4&GR5 Announcement For The Pre-Experiment Report 1

Requirements in the pre-report: Write clearly 

  • what will be done in the experiment,
  • the purpose of the experiment,
  • and the answers to the questions in the experiment sheet for each part of the experiment.
  • You do not need to do any simulations for the first experiment.
  • Use this word template.
  • As a team, only one person should always send e-mails as the team leader. Send the team pre-experiment report as a PDF before the deadline.
  • for GR4 send to (GR4 (Wednesday 09.00-12.00))
  • for GR5 send to (GR5 (Wednesday 13.00-16.00))
  • This announcement is only valid for GR4 (Wednesday 09.00-12.00) & GR5 (Wednesday 13.00-16.00).

Best regards

Pre-Experiment_Report_1.docx Creative Commons License

KOM3531 Experiment Sheet -1
Experiment Sheet

First experiment report, please print it out before the lab.

KOM3531 Experiment 1.pdf Creative Commons License

KOM3531 Orientation Week Presentation

Course descriptions and rules

KOM3531_Week1_Fall_2023_24_v1.pdf Creative Commons License

KOM3531 Gr4 Teams