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Thesis Advisory

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Increasing population and the needs of the human being with emerging technologies are changing rapidly. These changes bring along the needs for functional materials. As the "Advanced Functional Materials Research Group", we carry out studies in various fields to meet different needs. We can gather our fields of study under three main headings and twenty-four sub-headings:

A. Advanced Inorganic Materials and Environmental Technologies:

  1. Semi-conductor Materials Synthesis and Application Areas in Industry 
  2. Advanced Boron Compounds Production and Characteristics, Neutron Shielding Material Design
  3. Ceramic Material Production and Characteristics 
  4. Nano-technological Materials Synthesis and Application Areas
  5. Advanced Structural Materials: Cement and Concrete Industry, Geopolymeric Materials
  6. Micro and Meso Structured Materials and the Usage in the Adsorption of Toxic Gases 
  7. Heavy Metal Removal and Recovery From Wastewater
  8. Composite Clay Technology

B. Biomaterials and Health Technologies:

  1. Implant and Catheter Materials
  2. Wound Patch Systems
  3. Drug Delivery Systems
  4. Cell Culture (Somatic cell lines, stem cell lines, cancer cell lines) 
  5. Cytotoxicity Tests 
  6. Hybridom Cell Technology
  7. Antibacterial and Antifungal Tests
  8. Plant-Based Biomaterial Design

C. Food Technologies and Evaluation Methods of Food Wastes:

  1. Essential, Toxic/Risk Elemental Analyses in Beverages and Different Materials Effects on Their Elemental Contents 
  2. Essential Oil Production
  3. Edible Film Production from Food Wastes 
  4. Biopolymer Synthesis from Seashells and Heavy Metal Removal Application
  5. Collagen Production from Different Biological Sources and Industrail Applications
  6. Novel and Hybrid Food Drying Processes and Investigation of Product Quality
  7. Antioxidant Capacity Investigation of Medical Plants
  8. Food Microbiology

Within the specified scope;

  • Undergraduate, M.Sc and Ph.D. students will be provided with the opportunity to receive applied education by contributing to their careers.
  • Common and / or interdisciplinary research will be carried out.
  • Collaborations will be made with universities, industrial organizations and governmental agencies.