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He received his M.A. in Fine Arts from Hacettepe University and his Proficiency in Fine Arts from the same University. Sahiner became an Associate Professor in 2005 and full Professor in 2012. Professor Sahiner has taken part in many group exhibitions as well as11 solo ones at home. He has published various articles on “Arts”, “Postmodernism”, “Popular Culture” and “Video Aesthetics” in various newspapers and journals since 1995. Sahiner has also participated in many national and international congress and symposiums and gave conferences. Professor Sahiner has had three books -The Postmodern Transformations in Art and Deconstruction of Modernity (2008), The Representational Crisis in Contemporary Art (2015) and Cultural Signs- published so far.

Served as the Co-chairman and Executive Officer of the International Association of Plastic Arts’ Ankara chapter in 2000-2002. Sahiner has taken part in the organization of an important contemporary art events like "Young Art in Ankara-3" in 2000 and also curated the “Ambigious Situations” in 2010 and “Words and Things” in 2013.

He is the member of IAA (International Association of Aesthetics) and AICA (International Association of Art Critics): Sahiner is currently a full Professor of Combined Arts Deparment at the Yildiz Technical University’s School of Art and Design and also gives theoretical lectures on Art Theory at Institute of Social Sciences in Işık University.

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