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SCI, SSCI ve AHCI İndekslerine Giren Dergilerde Yayınlanan Makaleler

Influences of CdSe NCs on the photovoltaic parameters of BHJ organic solar cells

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The Synthesis and Physical Properties of Magnesium Borate Mineral of Admontite Synthesized from Sodium Borates

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Hybrid Solar Cells Using CdS Films Deposited via Spray Pyrolysis Technique

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Inverted Structure Hybrid Solar Cells Using CdS Thin Films

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Structural and Optical Characterization of TiO2 Thin Films Prepared by Sol Gel Process

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Porous Silicon based Direct Hydrogen Sulphide Fuel Cells

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Au Porous Silicon based Sodium Borohydride Fuel Cells

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Diffusion of hydrogen in porous silicon based sensors

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Porous Silicon Based Gas Sensors and Miniature Hydrogen Cells

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Humidity-voltaic characteristics of Au-porous silicon interfaces

JOURNAL OF PHYSICS D-APPLIED PHYSICS, cilt.37, ss.404-408, 2004 (SCI İndekslerine Giren Dergi) Özet

Diğer Dergilerde Yayınlanan Makaleler

Nanoporous Silicon-Based Ammonia-Fed Fuel Cells

Materials Sciences and Applications, cilt.5, ss.1, 2014 (Diğer Kurumların Hakemli Dergileri)

Nanoporous silicon-based Direct Hydrochloric Acid Fuel Cell

Journal of Technology Innovations in Renewable Energy, cilt.2, ss.1-5, 2012 (Diğer Kurumların Hakemli Dergileri)


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“The Structural and Electrical Characteristics of Ni/Si Junctions

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Diffusion of I Grorup Metals in Porous Silicon

Defect and Diffusion Forum, cilt.258, no.258, ss.107-111, 2006 (Diğer Kurumların Hakemli Dergileri)

Hakemli Kongre / Sempozyum Bildiri Kitaplarında Yer Alan Yayınlar

Novel Soluble Molecule for Organic Solar Cell Applications

International Symposium for the 80th Birthday of Prof. Alan J. Heeger , 2016, 21 Mart 2016

Perovskite Solar Cells Using Different Inorganic Semiconductor Electrodes Instead of TiO2

International Symposium for the 80th Birthday of Prof. Alan J. Heeger , 2016, 21 Mart 2016

Metal Doped Nanoporous Silicon to Enhance Gas Sensing

I. Advancesin Appl Physics and Materials Science Congress & Exhibition, 16 - 19 Nisan 2015

Effects of different PEDOT PSS layers on photovoltaic performance of organic solar cells

1st International Conference on Organic Electronic Material Technologies (OEMT) , 2015, 25 - 28 Mart 2015

Hybrid Solar Cells Using Inorganic Semiconductors and Conjugated Polymers

International Semiconductor Science and Technology Conference (ISSTC), 13 - 15 Ocak 2014

Effect of Cobalt Doping on Electrical Properties of Au TiO2 pSi Structure

Turkish Physical Society 28th International Physics Conference (TPS), 6 - 09 Eylül 2011

Photovoltaic Characteristics of CdS Sb2S3 Heterojunctions

Turkish Physical Society 26th International Physics Conference (TPS), 24 - 27 Eylül 2009

Effect of Thermal Annealing on Photovoltaic Characteristics of nCdS pSi Heterojunctions

Turkish Physical Society 24th International Physics Conference, 28 - 31 Ağustos 2007

Hydrogen Production From NaBH4 Alloys By Out Diffusion

TPE 'nd International Conferance on Technical and Physical Problems in Power Engineering, 6 - 08 Eylül 2004

Kitap & Kitap Bölümleri

Alternative Fuel

Nano-Porous Silicon-Based Mini Hydrogen Fuel Cell, Manzanera M., Editör, Intech, Xx, ss.309-334, 2011