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Electrode Design to Simulate Electrical Stress on Spacer Used In Creep Test Set-Up

Euroasia 5th. International Congress on Applied Sciences, Adana, Turkey, 15 - 17 November 2019, pp.712-718

Electrical Machines which are used in More Electric Aircraft

Euroasia 5th. International Congress on Applied Sciences, Adana, Turkey, 15 - 17 November 2019, pp.719-726 Creative Commons License identifier identifier

An experimental test set-up design for acquiring creep curve of the spacer between the winding turns of power transformers

6th International Conference on Control Engineering and Information Technology, CEIT 2018, İstanbul, Turkey, 25 - 27 October 2018 identifier

Comparison Of HTS Flux Switching Machine For Wind Turbine

ENTECH 2017, İstanbul, Turkey, 15 December 2017, pp.10-15

An Investigation On Flux Density Of Three Phase Distrubuted Air-Gap 3-5 Legged Shunt Reactor

Proceedings of The IRES 21st International Conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 23 December 2015, pp.91-95

Providing Energy Managment Of A Fuel Cell-Battery Hybrid Electric Vehicle

International Journal of Electrical, Computer, Energetic, Electronic and Communication Engineering, Paris, France, 27 August 2015, vol.9, no.8, pp.975-979

Design and application of a new sensorless induction motor drive implemented by using field oriented vector control method

2013 4th International Conference on Power Engineering, Energy and Electrical Drives, POWERENG 2013, İstanbul, Turkey, 13 - 17 May 2013, pp.1543-1547 identifier

A Novel Approach to Sensorless Control of Induction Motors

ELECO 2009 6th International Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering, 01 November 2009

Vector control of an AC brushless servomotor using a custom-designed motion control card

IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics, Montreal, Canada, 9 - 13 July 2006, pp.2516-2517 identifier identifier

Analytical and Numerical Calculations of Inductance of a Plunger-Type Magnet

Eleco’99, International Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Bursa, Turkey, 1 - 05 December 1999

Magnetic Field Analysis of Dc Machine by Applying Artificial Neural Networks to Finite Elements Method


Sincap Kafesli Asenkron Motorun Kayan Kipli Vektör Kontrol Simülasyonu

TMMOB Elektrik Mühendisleri Odası, Elektrik-Elektronik Bilgisayar Mühendisliği Ulusal Kongresi, Gaziantep, Turkey, 6 - 12 September 1999

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Wind Turbine Generators

in: Energy Science and Technology Vol 8 Wind Energy, , Editor, Studium Press LLC, Texas, pp.1-29, 2015

Electromechanical Energy Conversion

in: Energy Science and Technology, , Editor, Studium Press LLC, Texas, pp.221-248, 2015

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Menfi Tespit

İSTANBUL 5. TÜKETİCİ MAHKEMESİ, pp.6, İstanbul, 2017

Menfi tespit

6. ASLİYE HUKUK MAHKEMESİ, pp.7, İstanbul, 2017