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Bestami Özkaya earned a BS in Environmental Engineering field at Firat University placed at the birth city. Dr. Özkaya left at the age of 22 to complete his MSc and pHD education at Yildiz Technical University (YTU), İstanbul. In 2001, he graduated MSc from YTU. In 2004, the same university awarded his a phD in waste management field. Dr. Özkaya then was appointed as an assistant professor in the Yildiz Technical University. He moved to Tampere (Finland), to perform his post-doctoral researches from 2006 to 2008 at Tampere University of Technology. There he was promoted to associated professor position. After returning to İstanbul in 2010 he was promoted to associate professor position in YTU. In 2013 he was awarded to full professor position in 2013 at the same university. He is a Turkish researcher who has specialization in Environmental Engineering, Environmental Biotechnology and Bioenergy. Dr. Ozkaya’s main objective of research is to develop the energy harnessing methodologies that can easily be adapted by the effluent treatment plants so as to produce energy besides treatment. Dr. Ozkaya currently works in Yildiz Technical University as a full professor with the research topic of municipal waste management, biohydrogen (acidogenic fermentation), bioelectricity (microbial fuel cell (MFC)), and biodiesel production from waste matrix. 

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Faculty of Civil Engineering
Department of Environmental Engineering
Environmental Technology


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