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Syrian Refugee Flows, Social Crisis And Istanbul

Caumme III International Symposium, Migration and The Built Environment in The Mediterranean and The Middle East, Naples, Italy, 24 - 25 November 2016, pp.238-248 Creative Commons License Sustainable Development

Social Justice for Disabled People

CAUMME 2012: Global Impacts and Local Challenges, İstanbul, Turkey, 21 - 23 November 2012, pp.631-655 Sustainable Development

Social Justice for Disabled People

AESOP 26th Annual Congress, 01 July 2012 Sustainable Development

Engelliler İçin Sosyal Adalet: Mevcut Sorunlar ve Çözüm Arayışları

3. Evrensel Tasarım Sempozyumu: Herkes için Tasarım, Dünya Engelliler Vakfı ve Dünya Engelliler Birliği, İstanbul, Turkey, 10 May 2012, pp.1

Engelliler İçin Sosyal Adalet

3.Evrensel Tasarım Sempozyumu, Dünya Engelliler Vakfı (DEV) & Dünya Engelliler Birliği (DEB) & YTU, 01 May 2012

A Proposal for the Complex Society and Settlement Systems: Synergist Planning

7th Aesop’s Thematic Group Meeting on Complexity and Planning, 01 October 2008

Synergetic Dynamics of Complex Society

III. Meeting of AESOP Thematic Group on Complexity, 01 May 2006

Yönetişim Arayışları İçin Bir Öneri Olarak ‘Sinerjik Yönetim’

ULUSAL KALKINMA VE YEREL YÖNETİMLER 4. Ulusal Yerel Yönetimler Sempozyumu




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