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Istanbulite bassist, composer and educator Volkan Topakoğlu made his debut with his album ‘Birdenbire’.

Playing the keyboard and the guitar by ten, Volkan started his formal education in music studying cello and piano at Avni Akyol High School of Music and Arts in Istanbul. At fourteen he was influenced by his bass guitarist brother and started to listen to jazz records and play the bass guitar. He continued his education in music at Yıldız Technical University in Istanbul, studying electric bass and double bass with Kâmil Erdem. After graduation Volkan attended private lessons and workshops of bassists Jacek Meira-Niedziela, Bronislaw Suchanek, Drew Gress, Carlo DeRosa. He became a finalist at Nomme Jazz Festival’s 13. Jazz Artist Jazz Bassist Competition, Tallinn, Estonia. Appeared on various national TV and radio channels, as well as many jazz, rock, pop and folk music albums. Played at several jazz and music festivals throughout the world with various bands. Played as a soloist with Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra in 2017. His composition for theatre play "Teessür" which is an adaptation of the Greek Tragedy "Medea" was nominated for the "Best Theatre Music Award" at "7th Yeni Tiyatro Magazine Awards". Volkan gained his MA in Composition at Istanbul Technical University Turkish Music State Conservatory and is currently a PhD student at Istanbul University State Conservatory. As one of the busiest bassists in Turkey, he also teaches bass at the Music and Stage Arts Department in Yıldız Technical University Faculty of Art and Design.


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