General Information


He was born in Trabzon (Of district) in 1959.

He graduated from high school in Trabzon Teacher School.

He studied one year at Atatürk University (Faculty of Science, Department of Biology).

He graduated from the Faculty of Forestry at İstanbul University in 1985.

He Graduate MSc (1987) and PhD (2003) in School of Natural and Applied Sciences at İstanbul University. 

He has the two associate professor degree (Environmental Sciences and Engineering & Forestry Engineering). 

He began his career as a Research Assistant in the year 1986 and he was continued until 2011 as professor at Atatürk University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Environmental Engineering.

He was began to new carrier at Yıldız Technical University, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Department of Environmental Engineeringin 2011. 

He managed the 2 Ph.D. and 5 MSc studies. He conducted the one European Union, one Regional Development, four Scientific Research project. 

Research Interests: Air pollution, Heavy Metal Removal from Wastewater, The biodeterioration of stone monuments, Environmental Impact Assessment. 

Foreign Language :English

His football Team : Trabzonspor (BUNGURDY - BLUE). 

Institutional Information

Faculty of Construction
Department of Environmental Engineering
Environmental Sciences


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